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May 31

Say What?! May 30th Sex Party Video

Often imitated but never duplicated Say What?! is the last saturday of the month at Beauty Bar.  It was packed all night with the crowd going crazy during the Culture Prophets video shoot inside.  They came all the way out from South Carolina to Las Vegas Say What?! just to show the world how the Vegas scene parties.  Party Gals Sex Toy Parties was there vending all their sex toys and giving demonstrations while porn played in the background.  We had some upgrade in  the lighting with tri colored lasers and more LED lights than you have ever seen at any of our prior shows. 

Outside, The Study Band got naked resulting in mayhem from all the women in the audience.  Up next with the Cracker Jack surprise in the box; Little Red Radio, who I plan on bringing back real soon because they drove the crowd wild.  Lips Like Morphine, who have not played Beauty Bar in a very long time came back just to play Say What?! to kill it.  Electric Valentine, who previously played our LA party at the airliner got the whole backyard dancing.   Vegas Banger, Roccanova, & Grimehaus gave you quality bangers for your all night dance.  Make sure you go over to Chris’ profile and comment him for taking the pictures last night.  Next month is Say What?! Ice Kream, free frozen treats June 27th. 

-Jason Sturtsman


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  1. obeyjef June 1st, 2009 1:54 am

    dope deop deop night!


    Jason Reply:

    Thanks for coming and checking out the Say What?! show. We are always looking for someone to flyer share on back if you know someone who is interested.


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