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Dec 17

Silk Road At Vdara Hotel : Tourist Fly Trap

Category: Edibles


This expensive lunch experience was extremely lacking for Silk Road’s overpriced and mediocre food, along with poor service.  The first thing I heard when I went to the desk to ask to be seated was “You will have to take off your hat to walk through the restaurant”.  This created an expectation in me that I would be getting comparable food to the snootiness right off the bat.  The hamburgers we purchased for over $20 could be had at a million better places all over Las Vegas for half the cost.  They gave us some hard French bread rolls that almost broke my teeth before the meal.  The service was poor as well – not checking to see how the meal was after serving.  Avoid this tourist trap and listen to a local scorned.

Silk Road


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  1. P. December 18th, 2009 6:29 pm

    Thats the 2nd negative review I’ve heard of this place in the last week. Hmmm :/


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