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Mar 4


Beauty Bar presents – the Road to SXSW Showcase – March 6th – March 10th, 2013
Continuing with the tradition of bringing some of the best new music to Downtown Las Vegas for nearly 8 years now, the Beauty Bar proudly presents a showcase featuring some of the hottest bands en route to the annual music festival he\\ld in Austin, TX known as SXSW. We invite you to check out The Soft Moon, Free Energy, Religious Girls, MEth Dad, Detective, David Wax Museum, & Die!Die!Die!.

Wednesday, March 6th – The Soft Moon:
The Soft Moon is a San Francisco based neo-post-punk band composed of Luis Vasquez (singer/songwriter/guitar/synthesizers), Justin Anastasi (bass), Damon Way (synthesizers), and Ron Robinson (visuals). Keven Tecon joined the band as a drummer in early 2012. The Soft Moon has taken cues from early synthpunk/post-punk bands such as Chrome, Suicide, Danse Society, and The Units. Founded by Luis Vasquez as a solo project in 2009. He released two singles, “Breathe the Fire” and “Parallels”, while working on his debut Self Titled LP. Prior to the release of the LP, Vasquez directed his energy into building a band around his project with the aim to deliver a full sensory experience within the context of live performance. Beauty Bar welcomes The Soft Moon to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas! Opening sets by local post-punk favorites Close To Modern & Sex in Latex. DJ Allen on the decks. Doors are at 9:00 pm. Show is 21+ starts at 10:00 pm. Cover is $5.00. Presale tickets at

Thursday, March 7th – Free Energy:
There are certain bands that demand to be listened in a certain way: Pink Floyd might require a bong & laser light show; Led Zeppelin benefits from giant, wood-paneled speakers, and Free Energy’s a band responsible for having crafted some of the finest guitar-filled power pop this side of Weezer or Cheap Trick should be played on a cassette deck in a Camaro screaming down the highway; stereo cranked, feather roach clip dangling from the rearview.
Ultimately, Free Energy occupy their own interesting niche. Are they an indie rock band? A classic rock band? A power pop band? Even the band isn’t sure (“I wish someone would tell us what we are,” says Sprangers, “because we’ve been described as everything!”), but in the end it doesn’t matter. The tracks on Love Sign flirt with the great themes of lasting rock music the search for truth, falling in and out of love, and the quest for happiness—without ever sounding like retreads of a bygone era. Love Sign proves that there will always be ways to reconfigure the rock and roll archetypes into something fresh and for lack of a better word, “rocking.” Beauty Bar welcomes Free Energy to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas! Opening set by Oakland, CA’s experimental pop act Religious Girls & Nashville dance act Meth Dad. Doors are at 9:00pm. Show is 21+ starts at 10:00 pm. Cover is $5.00 DOS.

Friday, March 8th – Détective:
The music of the L.A. trio Detective sounds as if it could have come from dusty tapes found in the 4AD archive. “Basket of Masks” trades in coy pop melodies, gritty post-punk guitar riffs and proggy krautrock instrumentals. Founded by former Guided By Voices member James Greer their sparse, lo-fi structures don’t sacrifice texture, though; Greer & co. have found the delicate balance between sweet and off-kilter that recall Stereolab and some Morr Music luminaries. A short, sweet and almost perfectly put together dose of listening that embraces a kind of lost meaning of ‘indie,’ less about neo-campfire singalongs and more about moody raveups and sweet-but-never-cloying contemplations. Soft duets on songs like “Telephonia,” matched against a kind of inspiring guitar surge that thankfully doesn’t sound like U2 at all but which does sound like a classic Flying Nun number from the 1980s, further seal its appeal. Beauty Bar welcomes Detective to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas! Opening sets by Hope’s Edge & Eleven Thousand. Doors are at 9:00pm. Show is 21+ & starts at 10:00pm. Cover is $5.00 DOS.

Saturday, March 9th – David Wax Museum:
When future music historians look back at the strong currents circulating between the Americas in the 21st century, they will find Los Lobos, Calexico, and a charismatic, lanky Missourian singing tight harmony with a Southern belle rattling the jawbone of a donkey. David Wax and Suz Slezak form the artistic core of the David Wax Museum, and together with multi-instrumentalist Greg Glassman, fuse traditional Mexican folk with American roots and indie rock to create a Mexo-Americana aesthetic. Combining Latin rhythms, infectious melodies, and call-and-response hollering, DWM was hailed by TIME for its “virtuosic musical skill and virtuous harmonies” and has built a reputation among concertgoers all over the U.S, Canada, Europe and China for “kicking up a cloud of excitement with their high-energy border-crossing sensibility” (The New Yorker). With the release of Knock Knock Get Up (September 2012), David Wax Museum has reached a level of cross-cultural integration and musical fluency that allows them to speak electrifying and heartfelt poetry with a tongue that is wholly their own. Beauty Bar welcomes the David Wax Museum to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas! Opening set by Las Vegas local folk powerhouse Dusty Sunshine. Doors at 9:00pm. Show is 21+ & starts at 10:00pm. Cover is $10.00 DOS. $8.00 Presale tickets at

Sunday, March 10th – Die! Die! Die!:
Die! Die! Die! is a noise pop/punk three-piece from Dunedin, New Zealand, formed in late 2003 and used to be signed to Flying Nun Records. Their self-titled album Die! Die! Die! was released in 2005 in New Zealand, with an international release soon after. It was recorded in Chicago’s Electrical Audio by Steve Albini. The band’s second album, Promises, Promises was released in New Zealand in October 2007, and worldwide shortly after. After touring relentlessly for almost three years worldwide, the band completed their third album Form in August 2009, which was released on Flying Nun Records in July 2010. Form debuted at number 1 on the independent charts and number 19 on the National Album charts. The bands fourth album, Harmony, recorded in late 2010, was released in August 2012. Die! Die! Die! have toured with Franz Ferdinand, Wolfmother and The Blood Brothers, and have played several major festivals around the world including spots at SXSW. Beauty Bar welcomes Die!Die!Die! to Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas! Opening set by Las Vegas local bands Fredward, Solo The King, China, & The Pluralses. $10.00 presale tickets at

about the Beauty Bar: Beauty Bar, the first bar in Fremont East, opened May 15, 2005. Beauty Bar continues to capture the pulse of the Las Vegas underground music scene. Our unique atmosphere, eclectic bookings and the best drink prices around make Beauty Bar the go to spot in the heart of downtown!

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