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Bieber attacked by cougars!!!!!!!!

October 06th, 2010 | Category: Events/Parties,Music

Justin Bieber was released from the hospital yesterday after being viciously attacked by hundreds of cougars. The cougars started the attack by sending their daughters out to catch him. A representative from the hospital where he was treated said he suffered severe bruising on his face from his cheeks being pinched and that they didn’t know until all the lipstick was removed. He will make a full recovery but never wants to be called cute by women over 30 ever again. Similar cases have been reported by lesbians with the Bieber hairstyle.

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Say What?! Santa’s Hangover Photo Booth Dec 26th

December 27th, 2009 | Category: Events/Parties,Photos

Say What?! Santa’s Hangover was packed with locals as usual with Indie Krush djs laying down the soundscapes of the underground dance music you will not hear on the strip.  We had free Toxic Avenger cds courtesy of Iheartcomix & Scion, free Santa hats, & off course our famous Prize Box.  Some people are bringing their own props from home just for the photo booth, which is pretty rad.  You can also find your photos up on Vegas Hot Spots & a video to you shortly from Stripped Down TV & Indie Krush TV -and thank Noel Calizo for the night’s photography.  The perfect party moment is when you live forever in the ecstasy of transcendence giving up all worries, wants, & needs for a celebratory revelry – hope you all had fun and join us again for Say What?! Bling January 23rd.  Show us some love by leaving comments.

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Say What?! Octomom March 28th Photo Booth Beauty Bar

March 29th, 2009 | Category: Events/Parties,Photos

Say What?! Blood Orgy Photos

October 26th, 2008 | Category: Events/Parties,Photos

Say What?!

You will find the faves in the first gallery and the rest of them in the second gallery shot by Grace.  Some great costumes and everyone had a sick time with the Bring The Ruckus Crew from LA raging it.  Next month is Say What?! vs TILT with a Super Mario Theme.

-Jason Sturtsman