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Bieber attacked by cougars!!!!!!!!

October 06th, 2010 | Category: Events/Parties,Music

Justin Bieber was released from the hospital yesterday after being viciously attacked by hundreds of cougars. The cougars started the attack by sending their daughters out to catch him. A representative from the hospital where he was treated said he suffered severe bruising on his face from his cheeks being pinched and that they didn’t know until all the lipstick was removed. He will make a full recovery but never wants to be called cute by women over 30 ever again. Similar cases have been reported by lesbians with the Bieber hairstyle.

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Sneakbars : Bad Ass Shoe Bling

February 18th, 2010 | Category: Style


Sneakbars are some bad ass shoe bling, especially the skull ones.  I would probably buy a pair if they were not $50 bucks – which is the price point that most people would pass on these.  Sneakbars needs to step up their crappy web design and add some social networking to their site, seriously this is not 2002 people.


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Gourmet NFN*(Not For Nuth’n)

June 04th, 2008 | Category: Style

Gourmet Shoes and Apparel…

It’s been a minute since I hit you up some new Kicks FLAVA.

Gourmet- A relatively new sneaker company, that also makes some sportswear as well-although you’d be hard pressed finding any… Designers behind this project are: Jon Buscemi, Greg Lucci, and Greg Johnsen- all having some experience/knowledge of the game.

Gourmet takes inspiration from the Jordan shoes, and executes them in canvas (hope to see leather joints soon). Design is simple, the soles are on some keds steez, making a great choice to add flavor to any wardrobe. Here’s a peep at their Summer 08 collection- catch ‘em at Undefeated here in Vegas!


-Arnauld Deuche’


Keep Shoes, Los Angeles

April 30th, 2008 | Category: Style

Here’s a dope shoe company, from LA…
They’re still relatively unknown but making fresh kicks for the ladies.

Keep shoes are simple and mostly made from canvas, with quirky design details, with a flavor reminicent of keds, but alot fresher- the honeys are sure to love ‘em.

Keep is not limited to shoes though, they also offer tees, hoodies, sunglasses and more.

“We make Keep shoes for those women who are tired of clown shoes, too many bells and whistles, and the misappropriation of the color pink.”

All keep products are cruelty free

check them out at:

–Arnauld Deuche’

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Pointer Shoes, London

April 23rd, 2008 | Category: Style

Pointer footwear- Don’t sleep on this London based company that’s dropping kicks in a hood near you.

Only five seasons deep in the game, Pointer keeps it dope with a fresh new perspective in the footwear game. Pointer uses unique prints, leather, Canvas, and dope color ways with ll colored laces and simple silhouettes.

Established in 2004, Pointer aims to create simple, well- designed casual shoes in response to the market flooded with technical trainers, and hyped up limited release sneakers. pointer has something for both women and the men in crazy colors, and styles…

Check ‘em outt:

–Arnauld Deuche’

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